What I Learned Series - 01

I read a post about what should a software developer write. If you are a senior software developer, you can find a lot of topics. However, if you are a junior software developer like me, you are able to write what you learned or how did you solve your encountered problems. Thus, I have been started to write posts. This post is the first post in this series. My aim is that writing weekly or monthly in what I learned. I intend to share topics such as programming, tools, or algorithms.

Let's Begin!


I have been learned bitwise operators. As you know, there are two basic bitwise operations "AND" and "OR".

Bitwise AND Operator

E.g. Given two integers i = 10 and j = 6, calculate t= i & j = 2

int i = 10      // 0000 1010
int b = 6;      // 0000 0110
int c = a & b;  // 0000 0010 -> 2

Bitwise OR Operator

E.g. Given two integers i = 10 or j = 6, calculate t= i & j = 14

int a = 10;     // 0000 1010
int b = 6;      // 0000 0110
int c = a | b;  // 0000 1110 -> 14

Maybe you can use these operators to solve algorithm problems.

Tool - Uptime Robot

I discovered a new tool, Uptime Robot. Uptime Robot is a monitoring tool which you can control web services is up or not. It is not free but 50 monitors with checks 5-minute is free. You can get notifications from some the resources such as mail, Slack or Telegram, when your service is down. You can set these alert resources from "My Settings" dashboard. You can create a new monitor easily with "Add New Monitor" button. Finally, You are able to show statistic from main dashboard.


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